The Jackson, Union County Habitat for Humanity Board is currently meeting using an online forum. If you are interested in participating, please contact our local affiliate President, Jamie Perryman. His contact information is listed below.

Meetings are open to the public. We are currently seeking People interested in serving as Chairpersons or committee members for several committees. Please contact the appropriate chairperson or the Volunteer Coordinator at the contact info listed below if you are interested in working with our group.

We will meet on the following dates for 2021: Jan 14th, Feb 11th, Mar 11th, Apr 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, Aug 12th, Sept 9th, Oct 14th. Meetings are at the SIU Head Start Building, 1900 North Illinois Avenue in Carbondale, IL, 62901. Our Nov 11th, End of the Year meeting place will be decided at the September meeting.

Board Members

Position: Name:
President Jamie Perryman, mr.perryman@live.com, (618) 457-8480
Vice-President Bruce Davis, bruce_davis@frontier.com, (618)687-3113
Secretary Nancy Mitchell, nancyb25@mchsi.com
Treasurer Cassie Jones, cassie.jones7@gmail.com, (618)751-1800
Construction Coordinators *Jim Nesler, jsn531@hotmail.com, (618)521-1645
Volunteer & Web Coordinator *Barbara Rester, resterino56@gmail.com
Communications *Susan Adorjan, sadorjan@hotmail.com, (618)687-3894
Family Selection *David Blaise, dblaise12@hotmail.com, (618)521-5365
Family Nurture Jamie Perryman, mr.perryman@live.com, (618) 457-8480
Minor Repair Program *Darryl Tipton, diatip@frontier.com, (618)687-4228
Legal Counsel Mike Twomey
Development - Carbondale Open
Development - Murphysboro Bruce Davis, bruce_davis@frontier.com, (618)687-3113
Fund Raising Jamie Perryman, mr.perryman@live.com, (618) 457-8480
Site Acquisition Bruce Davis, bruce_davis@frontier.com, (618)687-3113
External Relations Bruce Davis, bruce_davis@frontier.com, (618)687-3113
Audit and Compliance Bruce Davis, bruce_davis@frontier.com, (618)687-3113
Board Member Aur Beck, tech@aessolar.com
Board Member David Koster, dd.koster@hotmail.com, (618)303-3387
Board Member Lea Maue, lcmaue@protonmail.com, (618)444-5934
Board Member Dan Stearns, danwstearns@gmail.com, (618)684-4889
Board Member Art Zaitz, art.zaitz@gmail.com, (618)201-3503

*Also a Board Member