If you would like to donate to our local chapter, you can make an online credit card payment using Habitat for Humanity International's secure website: Donate to Jackson-Union County Habitat for Humanity. 100% of this donation will go to our local chapter.

Whereas Habitat for Humanity International can afford to send you future solicitations along with notepads, calendars, greeting cards, or teddy bears, your LOCAL chapter of Habitat cannot afford to do so. We use your donations to build houses or for our Minor Repairs Program and they go directly to help families in Jackson and Union Counties.

If you wish to contribute directly to our LOCAL group, you may contact us by phone at (618) 457-8480 or send a check or money order payable to "Jackson-Union County HFH" to the following address:

Jackson-Union County HFH
P.O. Box 1064
Carbondale, IL 62903-1064

Please designate that the donation is "For Local Use". Thank You!

Fundraising Events

December was a great month for our group in terms of fundraising and donations. We sold out our birdhouses and bird feeders at the SIU Craft Fair and Alternative Gift Fair. We also received many generous donations from friends, family and community members. We are grateful!

All of us at Jackson, Union County Habitat for Humanity and all of our Habitat Homeowners are once again feeling extremely grateful for the amazing person who anonymously donated enough money to pay each of our Homeowner/Partner's mortgages for the month of January, 2019! This is the second year this amazing person has made a donation of this kind so that our EIGHTEEN Homeowners could have a wonderful, less stressful holiday season. I feel overwhelmed by this person's amazing spirit and generosity!


Our local Habitat is a 100% volunteer group, including our Board members. Funding to build each Habitat home comes from the mortgages being paid by previous homeowners. As construction costs have increased, we are seeking a higher level of funding from donations so that we may keep the mortgages within an affordable range for our homeowners. We were pleased with our spring fundraising efforts but we are still running a little short. Please help us fill that gap.

We greatly appreciate the help we receive from Habitat Int'l partners like Dow, Whirlpool, Larson, Hunter Douglas, and York. But we appreciate the donations from local and small businesses and individuals because we know they will "feel" the donation more than a big corporation might. We also appreciate that they are partnering with us to invest in our community. Some of these are recent partners and others are from the past several years. Some donations are larger than others but ALL are appreciated.

  • Cities of Carbondale and Murphysboro - donate lots
  • Asaturian and Eaton - establish lot lines
  • Jeff James Construction - dug and poured footings
  • John A. Logan Construction Mgmt. classes (Baer Pulliam) - built walls
  • John A. Logan HVAC classes (Jason Stutes & Aaron Carter) - installed heating and air
  • UA Local 160 Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprentice Programs - plumbing
  • BW Electric & Locating (Billy Woosley) - reduced cost on electrical
  • Burris Disposal - use of dumpster
  • Cook Portable Warehouse (Greg Cook) - shed provided at cost
  • Midwest Pottyhouse - reduced price on porta-potty
  • Allan Brittin - reduced cost on drywall finishing
  • Greenville Prison Cabinet Program (Brian Jensen) - built cabinets
  • Marshall Norman - spray painted primer and ceilings
  • Bernstein Painting Inc (Guido Bernstein and crew) - painted walls
  • FWS Countertops - countertops and sink provided at cost
  • Mike Burke - reduced cost for carpet installation
  • E & D Concrete - gravel and concrete and finishing of entry and back sidewalks and parking area (2017)
  • Berry Concrete - concrete finishing of entry and back sidewalks and parking area (2018/19)
  • Rochman Investments - Storage facility space
  • Ron Reeder - appraisal of property
  • Evergreen Garden Club - planted shrubs and tree
  • Changing Seasons Nursery (Trent Mohlenbrock) - donated shrubs and tree
  • Monica Murray - donated cake for the Dedication
  • Dunkin Donuts of Carbondale - donated coffee for Dedication

There are many others to thank. There are those who have come out to our fundraising dinners at restaurants or who have donated to our silent auction or donated items for our yard sale. Thank you for helping us build strength, stability, self-reliance AND shelter.

Think Globally, Give Locally

Donate to our local chapter using Habitat for Humanity International's secure website: Donate to Jackson-Union County Habitat for Humanity. 100% of this donation will go to our local chapter.